Frequently Asked Questions

£30 for the first hour and £9.50 per half-hour, Monday-Friday, 8-6. Evenings and weekends are an extra 25%.
No – materials are extra. Most customers use us purely as a labour service, however if you are not sure of what to buy for a specific job, then give us a call first, so that we can advise you, because although we are happy to go and get anything for you, remember we charge by the half hour.
Yes! All our handymen carry a full range of tools to tackle a huge number of different jobs. They also carry a wide selection of small parts (screws, nails, wall plugs, plumbing connections and so forth).
Generally, we can give you a good idea over the telephone of how long a job is likely to take. You can then book someone in, and when they arrive they will confirm or revise the estimate based on what they find at the job. If it is clearly going to take a lot longer than expected, and you decide not to go ahead, we won’t charge you anything. If you are happy to go ahead then our handyman will do the job there and then. For larger jobs, like fitting a new bathroom, we would usually make a separate visit first to give you an estimate, free of charge.
We are not really an emergency service – most of the work we do is booked in a couple of days in advance. We can often squeeze jobs in on the same day as they are booked, though, so it is worth calling to check availability.
Yes, we work Saturdays for which we charge a 25% premium over our usual rates.
Yes we do, however it is important to understand that there is a difference in the pricing here.: that is if we have to come to you after 8pm then the call out charge alone is £50.00 (that is on top of our normal rates that are listed) usual hours are 9am to 6pm Monday to Friday. We can do jobs in the evening or on Saturdays for a 25% premium. Our office is open from 8.00am to 6.00pm Monday to Friday.
Yes we do, however its no longer called CORGI Registered, its now called Gas Safe. We employ the services of a gas safe registered engineer, who can all do a wide range of jobs.
Yes. We employ an NICEIC Registered Engineer, who can all do a wide range of jobs including re-wiring and testing. For replacing lights, switches and so on, we are the guys to call.
No – we give specific one hour slots in which we aim to arrive. We are nearly always bang on time, but sometimes (particularly towards the end of the day) we might be a little late. But we will always call you well in advance to let you know our revised estimated arrival time.
The jobs we do generally range from 30 minutes to a day. We sometimes do much larger jobs lasting several days, (e.g. taking care of a long ‘snagging’ list for a customer that has just had builders in). For anything lasting longer than about 5 days, then we would be happy to offer you a quotation.
  • Please refer to our Areas We Cover page. But generally the whole of the North East
We accept cash, cheques, credit cards, bank transfer or a bankers draft.
Yes, certainly. Many companies use us to take care of their everyday maintenance requirements. There is no formal account-opening procedure, just call us on 0191 2368702 , we will send someone round.

If you require a regular visit (e.g. once a week) then we can set that up too.

Please call 0191 2368702 to discuss your requirements.